SeeEyes SC-HD8VDA HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier (8ch in, 32ch out)

» 8 IN / 32 OUT for HD-SDI signal
» Supporting various inputs (SMPTE-259M, SMPTE-292M, SMPTE-424M)
» Long distance transmission up to 150m (Full HD/1.5G) with RG-59/U and 100m (Full HD/3G) with RG-6/U by re-clocking and equalizing signal
» No artifacts or other signal degradation
» Rack type (19”/1U type) for multiple HD-SDI signals
» Surge Protection Function

SC-HD8VDA is 8×32 HD-SDI distribution amplifier to distribute inputted signals to several output. The device is compliant with SMPTE-292M and SMPTE-424M standards and feature re-clocking and equalization function thus enabling stable and clear video transmission without any signal loss.

Order number: xxxx xxxx SeeEyes SC-HD8VDA HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier (8 IN, 32 OUT)

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