Auto-networking wireless IP camera EZ-IP01M4W

  •  EZ IP camera automatically connects to the Internet or the local area network of your home
  •  The camera can be used with a wireless or wired connection
  • Sound and images can be viewed on a mobile phone or a computer
  •  Applications available for Apple and Android phones for viewing the camera image
  • Recording software is included with the product
  •  The camera is accompanied with passwords that link the camera automatically to a local area network and the Internet
  • Easy 3 step installation and the camera is in operation. No more complicated firewall settings.
  • The camera is the perfect option for home or holiday home surveillance

Order number: EMZW1003 Auto-networking wireless IP camera EZ-IP01M4W


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Olli Turtiainen, Product Group Manager

CCTV & Measuring instruments

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Risto Vainikainen, Product Manager

Kameravalvonta ja mittalaitteet

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Rolle Tenho, Technical sales

Kameravalvonta ja mittalaitteet

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