See eyes SC-IPU601 High Power(~70W) IP over UTP Long Reach Transmission set

SC-IPU601 is an IP High Power 1-channel PoE transmission device, and consists of SC-IPU601T (transmitter) and SC-IPU601R (receiver). This is a product developed as a high power support type product of SC-IPC07PU among the company’s IP UTP transmission device series. Transmitter’s (SC-IPU601T) PoE output is supported up to 70W. High-performance / high-capacity IP cameras can be operated with PoE technology.

  • Supports Standard IEEE 802.3af/at/bt (PoE++ Type 3, Max. 70W)
  • Transmission Bandwidth : up to 100Mbps
  • Transmits power + network data with CAT.5e UTP cable
  • 100Mbps: Up to 500m (1600ft)
  • 10Mbps: Up to 800m (2600ft)
  • Supports Auto MDI/MDIX function
  • Safe power transmission with automatic line diagnosis function
  • Camera-side transmitter PoE function ON/OFF setting possible
  • Built-in surge protection circuit

Order number: EMSU1082  See eyes SC-IPU601 High Power(~60W) IP over Coaxial Long Reach Transmission set

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