SeeEyes SC-IPC3024M1 24Port Advanced SLOT IP Power + Data Transmission Unit

See Eyes SC-IPC3024M1 modular 24-camera, switchable, ethernet over coax converter unit.


  • Transmits power and network data over single coaxial cable
  • Transmits network data up to maximum 1.8Km over RG-6
  • Supplies power to PoE IP camera (Max.30W)
  • Transmission bandwidth (MAX) : 200Mbps(PHY Rate) / 75Mps(TCP Rate)
  • Built-in PoE ON / OFF Switch on transmitter
  •  Built-in GIGA HUB (RJ-45 * 2PORT, SFP Port * 1)
  •  Lowers installation cost by using existing coaxial cables
  •  Lowers installation cost and reduces construction period by eliminating the need to lay power lines with PoC function (power overlay)
  • Automatic track diagnose function for safe power transmission
  •  Main front body built-in LCD display for status monitoring
  •  Built-in surge protection circuit (10KV)
  •  Supports SNMP, RS-485 remote control
  • Provides power, link, data diagnose and control protocol (Custom)
  • SLOT Type sub-frame rack for easy expansion and maintenance
  • 4 BNC port per each SLOT (up to maximum 24 channels supported)
  • Dual power by adding SLOT type power supplying unit (option)

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Risto Vainikainen, Product Manager

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Rolle Tenho, Technical sales

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