Camsat CDS-6IP 3PoE Wireless system

» 3 PoE+ ports they supply 3 IP cameras directly from the radio module
» 90W current efficiency with 48V/2A power supply
» 63Mbps bandwidth – the sum of the bitrates of all video streams
» 2km range radio LOS (with optical visibility of antennas)
» 16 IP cameras wirelessly – transmits streams from up to 16 IP cameras
» Radio Point-to-Point bridge. You will connect two CCTV installations using two radio units from the CDS-6IP family
» Point-to-Multipoint – with one receiver you will receive streams from up to eight transmitters
» Multiple power options – Each unit can be powered from: PoE switch (802.3at/af) and from a passive or active PoE power supply and 48V DC and 12-24V DC
» iCAMSAT-OS without loss of image frames – HD and 4k image streams are a continuous transfer of huge amounts of images. Special video standards iCAMSAT-OS ensure the continuous transmission of HD images without loss of image frames.
» Very easy settings – you will start the system by setting only 2 parameters
» Compatible with any wireless module of the CDS-6IP family

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