The GEKO lights the entire scene evenly, eliminating hotspots and underexposures, for unbeatable night-time images and secure surveillance of the area. The illuminators can be powered at 12Vdc to 24Vdc or at 24Vac. The power supply in a waterproof box, in 230Vac or 120Vac version, is available as an accessory for one or two GEKO illuminators.

» Key features
» Clear night vision up to 140m (460ft) in indoor or outdoor environment
» Vandal-proof protection (IK10)
» Beam pattern: 10°, 30°, 60°
» Wavelengths: 850nm, 940nm, white light
» Consumption: 6W or 12W
» It can be mounted under a housing using the OSUPPIR bracket
» Supplied with a wall-mount bracket
» IP66/IP67

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