LED C-spot

LEd C-Spot is a reliable work lamp with aluminum casting frame. Ultra-slim and stylish Work lamp for indoor and outdoor use. Surface mounting on the mounting bracket.

The long-lasting LED light is immediately illuminated with its full light output and effectively illuminates its target. The lamp is equipped with a 0.8m connecting cable (rubber cable) and an IP44 SUKO plug that can be plugged directly into a wall socket.

» 10W, 800lm, 230V / 50Hz, IP44, 4500k, white

» Light angle 105 ° light output efficiency 70%

» Weight 504g

» Dimensions 130 x 148 x 26mm

» Operating temperature -25 to +55 ° C

» Frame with aluminum casting, aluminum frame, clear tempered glass and dimmed led

» Plug-in 0.8m H05RN-F 3×1.0mm black rubber cable


Order  number: EMBU1000  10W  800lm LED light

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CCTV & Measuring instruments

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