LiFePo4 PeliCase 12V 100Ah kit

Professional power packs housed within a protective Peli case. These battey packs are the portable solution, easy to carry and install. The batteries use prismatic cells that create teh ligtest weight construction. Supplied with fitted fuel gauge and charger.
Each Peli™ Case is equipped with two Neutrik connections, each offering up to 20A continuous output at ambient temperature up to 25ÁC. A combined output of 30A can be achieved if the two connectors are used with a Twin Neutrik Output Lead (TR8155). Please note – if both sockets are being used as output connections the total current must not exceed 30A.LiFePO4 technology gives a very flat discharge curve which means sustained power to the end of the cycle. If you are powering lights they will remain brighter for longer, giving you sustained performance.
The 10A Charger (TR8206 included)will charge your battery quickly. For faster charge times, a rapid 20A charger (TR8212) is available. Please purchase separately.

Integrated Electronic ‘Battery Management System’ (BMS) provides the following protection:

  • Overcharge & over-discharge protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Over current protection
  • Short circuit protection

Weight 13,2 kg

Dimensions 411 x 322 x 168mm

Order Number: EMTP1000 LiFePo4 PeliCase 12V 100Ah kit

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