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SVS-5E HDD extension unit EMSA3042

STH-330POV outdoor housing EMSA4011

STB-30PF Ceiling flnge for speed dome housing EMSA4015

STB-280PW wall bracket for SPD-1000 EMSA4016

SRD-476 DPIT DVR with 1 TB HDD 4ch 1280H real time DVR EMSA3051

SDP-3300P 30x optical zoom speed dome cam SSNR day/night,ICR EMSA4001

SDP-3300P 30x speed dome EMSA4003

STH-370 NPI Indoor Housing for IP dome EMSA4006

SPD-3700TP Speed dome EMSA4020

SCP-3430H speed dome EMSA4120

SCP-3430 speed dome EMSA4121

SHP-3701H Outdoor housing analog speed dome EMSA4123

SID-53PW color mini dome camera white color 3mm lens, 580TVL EMSA6015

SID-56PW color mini dome camera white color 3mm lens, 580TVL EMSA6017

SID-562PW color varifocal wdr dome, white color EMSA6021

SND-5080 network dome EMSA5215

SCV-3080 vandal proof dome wdr, 2,8-11mm EMSA5110

SCV-3081 vandal proof dome wdr EMSA5112

SNO-5080R IR bullet camera EMSA5050

SNP-3120VHP network PTZ dome EMSA5030

SNM-3350 P IP speed dome camera EMSA5017

STB-370NPC ceiling installation bracket for SNP-3350 dome EMSA5018

SIR-4250P color dome camera EMSA5013

SVR-940NWH 9ch digital recorder EMSA3020

SVR-1680NWH 16 ch digital recorder with 500 Gb HDD EMSA3021

SVR-450NWH (320) 4 ch EMSA3002

SVR-480NWH 320 4 ch EMSA3005

SCB-2000P color camera (SDP-435P) 12V DC/24VAC EMSA2505

SCO-2080R EMSA2049

SCO-2120R IR bullet camera 12:1 zoom, IP66 EMSA2050

SNB-1000 runkokamera EMSA2060

SNB-2000 runkokamera EMSA2061

SNB-3000 runkokamera EMSA2062

SNB-5000 1,3 mpix IP camera EMSA2063

SNB-5001 1,3 mpix box camera EMSA2064

SNC-570 wdr network camera EMSA2014

SHC-737P ex 1/3″ ultra low light EMSA1061

SCD-4300P motor zoom vandal proof dome EMSA1067

SHC- 740P day and night color camera EMSA1052

SDN-550ph 1/3″ high res d/n camera EMSA1054

SCC-3100A Dome/DVR controller EMSA1039

SID-45CP color dome camera EMSA1043

SID-50P color minidome camera with 3mm lens EMSA1048

SDC-415PD day/night color camera 12V DC EMSA1013

SHC-721APH color camera EMSA1006


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Risto Vainikainen, Product Manager

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Rolle Tenho, Technical sales

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