Watec stock clearance sale

EMWA1005 WAT-207A 20 eur /kpl 11kpl  http://www.watec.com.tw/download/del%20ccd/207A.pdf

EMWA1006 WAT-201A 20 eur/kpl 21kpl

EMWA1008 WAT-230CDWB 10 eur/kpl 2kpl

EMWA1012 WAT-902 DM2S 40 eur/kpl 1kpl  https://www.ivsimaging.com/Products/Cameras/Watec-WAT-902DM2S

EMWA1017 WAT-202D 20 eur 1kpl  http://www.watec.com.tw/download/WAT-202D.pdf

EMWA1050 WAT-708 CX 20 eur 3kpl

EMWA1071 WAT-200D 40 eur 1kpl  https://www.psicompany.com/man-prod-info/Watec/cctv-camera-accessories/WAT-200DW.pdf

EMWA1075 WAT-231 S 30 eur 3kpl

EMWA1100 WAT-220 3,6mm lens 30 eur 3kpl

EMWA1130 WAT-232 50 eur 1kpl

EMWA1180 WAT-232 S2 50 eur 2kpl

EMWA1190 WAT-1000 50 eur 2kpl

EMWA1037 WAT-0625BC-5 5eur 2kpl 6mm lens

EMWA1036 WAT-9802A-13 5eur 1kpl 3,7mm lens

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Prices may be changed at any time without further notice


Olli Turtiainen, Product Group Manager

CCTV & Measuring instruments

+358 10 400 1296

Risto Vainikainen, Product Manager

Kameravalvonta ja mittalaitteet

+358 10 400 1602

Rolle Tenho, Technical sales

Kameravalvonta ja mittalaitteet

+358 10 400 1601


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