BV-Systems WallHound Cell Phone Deterrent and Bluetooth Detection

WallHound detects and deters individuals from using cell phones in areas they are normally restricted, unauthorized or illegal. It works by detecting all nearby cell phone activity including voice, data and texting. Once detected, WallHound alerts the mobile phone user (and anyone else within earshot) with a bright, flashing LED ‘no cell phone’ sign and loud, custom audio message set by the facility. Sensitivity and alert volumes are fully adjustable and also key lockable to ensure no tampering occurs.

WallHound’s frees up security personnel for more pressing duties while reminding visitors that cell phones are prohibited making WallHound ideal for correctional facilities, court rooms, border security or anywhere people need to be reminded about cell phone policies.

  • Turnkey solution for bluetooth detection and cell phone deterrent for illegal and unauthorized devices
  • Bright visual and audio alerts can be seen and heard from a distance
  • Customizable audio alert message upon cellular, Wi-Fi or bluetooth detection

Order number:  EMBV3000  Wall Hound-Pro  -WALL-PRO  wireless intrusion detector

Order number:  EMBV3100  DF-ANT-PRO Antenna kit 2,4/5GHz

Order number:  EMBV3150 STAN-WH-PRO  Wall Hound Pro stand

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CCTV & Measuring instruments

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Risto Vainikainen, Product Manager

Kameravalvonta ja mittalaitteet

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Rolle Tenho, Technical sales

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