Furnace camera

The Klinger Fireplace Camera can be installed near a high temperature object. This gives the subject a picture of the control room or the video recorder. Analog or IP camera can be selected as a camera. As an optic, we use a specialty optic with a focal length adjustable. Optics have exceptionally high heat resistance. The camera can also be cooled with compressed air or water. The camera is meant to be viewed through sight glass.


» Stainless steel
» Pre-sapphire sapphire
» Focal Length: 3.6mm – 18.0mm
» Blurry: F1.8 – F9.0
» Angle of view: 80 ° ~ 19 °
» Lens diameter 1.2mm
» Continuous heat duration: 150 degrees
» 10 min heat duration of 1000 degrees
» The length of the pipe is selectable at the ordering stage, default length 32cm


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