Sharp Vision MO 117 D Rear view camera system

Rear view system for 4 cameras. One camera with protection hood, display and cable harness included in the package.

» Four signals are controlled by automatic switching between cameras
» TFT-LCD display with touch screen, wide viewing angle and high resolution display
» Image can be adjusted for landscape, vertical, mirror, and normal viewing.
» Automatic switch to blue image when there is no video input
» The volume, brightness, color, contrast, and sharpness of each camera can be individually configured.
» Video formats: PAL / NTSC.
» Uses 10 ~ 32VDC operating voltage. Power consumption max. 4 × 300mA

Order number: EMSV1171 Sharp Vision MO 117 D

Order number: EMSV1172 Sharp Vision CW-134635CAI camera with automatic protection cover



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