KLINGER® MLX Graphite Laminate

The graphite gasket with a premium multilayer structure.

This gasket has a multilayer structure consisting of high-purity graphite foils (‹ 99 %) and smooth stainless-steel foils. Testing confirms a 6X increase in rigidity/handleability compared to conventional foil reinforced graphite gaskets. In a special process several layers of graphite and stainless-steel foils are joined together without using any adhesives. A special impregnation ensures the improved sealing performance and excellent handling.

The material is easy and safe to cut unlike low-cost graphite gasket materials with tanged stainless-steel inserts.

Basis composition

Expanded graphite with 0.05 mm thick smooth stainless-steel foils.

Areas of application

KLINGER® MLX is suitable for extreme conditions, especially for high pressure applications, high temperatures and high compressive stresses.


DVGW, Fire Safe acc. to DIN EN ISO 10497, ASTM WK26064 Blow-out, TA Luft

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