KLINGER® PSM graphite gasket with Inner Eyelet

KLINGER® PSM is a graphite gasket reinforced with a 0,1 mm thick tanged stainless steel sheet (SS 316) and (316TI) inner eyelet. The inner eyelet (316TI) reinforcement on the edge significantly improves the pressure resistance of the flat seal, especially in surge pressure situations, prevents corrosion of the sealing surface and facilitates the handling of the seal. The steel reinforcement is attached to the gasket mechanically, which means that PSM material does not contain any glue. KLINGER® PSM has an anti-stick finish on both sides, which makes it possible to remove the gasket from the flange despite having been used in very high temperatures.

The seal can be replaced with KLINGER® MLX material if a rigid and easy-to-handle standard mill-wide graphite gasket material is desired.


KLINGER® PSM is suitable for use with virtually any media. Its excellent chemical and heat resistance the gasket is widely used within the petrochemical and chemical industry in e.g. steal applications.


KLINGER® PSM gasket material has BAM, WRc, DIN-DVGW and FireSafe (API 6FB) approvals.

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