KLINGER® Maxiprofile KAM

Maxiprofile grooved, metal gaskets consist of a serrated metallic core with a soft facing material. The Maxiprofile style gasket is mainly used in vessel applications where the gasket width is limited. Maxiprofiles are also often used as an upgrade on applications currently using metal jacketed gaskets due to the improved leak tightness, ease of installation and the possibility of reuse. The depth and profile of the groove is specifically designed to facilitate densification of the facing material and create a very leak tight seal with low gasket stresses.

Maxiprofile gaskets are often used in heat exchangers and can be manufactured with many bar configurations.

Properties of Maxiprofile

» Low sealing stress required for installation
» Suitable for a range of chemicals
» Suitable for use in high pressure and high temperature applications
» Can be refurbished and reused
» Can be manufactured to suit standard  flange applications and vessels
» Can be manufactured for use with narrow flanges

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