KLINGERsil® C-4500

KLINGERsil® C-4500 is a high-quality carbon fibre based gasket material. The gasket is especially designed to be used with strong alkaline media and in high temperatures, and is therefore the perfect material for e.g. pulp and paper industry as well as the chemical industry. The gasket is suited for high pressures and even constant temperatures of 250 degrees. KLINGERsil® C-4500 gasket material has excellent load bearing characteristics.

Typical uses

KLINGERsil® C-4500 is a suitable sealing material to be used with high temperature water and steam as well as oils, gases, salt solutions, fuels, alcohols, weak organic and inorganic acids, hydrocarbons, lubricants and refrigerants.


KLINGERsil® C-4500 gasket material has i.e. BAM, DIN-DVGW, TA-Luft and Fire-Safe approvals.

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