KLINGER®top-graph 2000

KLINGER®top-graph 2000 combines the ease of installation, cutting and handling of the KLINGERsil® materials with the improved thermal and chemical resistance offered by graphite based gaskets. Manufactured from graphite and syntethic fibres the gasket is very well suited for i.e. steam applications due to its excellent load bearing capacity and low embrittlement. The seal can be replaced with KLINGER® top-chem 2000 PTFE material or, with reservations, KLINGER® Quantum.

Typical uses

KLINGER®top-graph 2000 is well-suited for steam applications with a maximum temperature of 300 degrees. In many other applications the gasket can be used in temperatures of over 500 degrees.


KLINGER®top-graph 2000 gasket material has i.e. BAM, DIN-DVGW and TA-Luft approvals.

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