KLINGER® top-chem2000

KLINGER® top-chem 2000 is a first class heavy duty gasket material manufactured from modified PTFE. The gasket has excellent chemical resistance against strong acids and alkalis as well as excellent mechanical properties tolerating both high temperatures and pressures. In addition, the gasket has unique load bearing properties. The KLINGER® top-chem 2000 is the only PTFE gasket to have received Fire Safe certification. For applications with low temperatures and loads, however, we recommend the KLINGER® top-chem 2003 gasket material.

Typical uses

KLINGER® top-chem 2000 is well-suited to multiple applications within the pulp and paper as well as chemical and petrochemical industries. The gasket can also be used within the food or pharmaceutical industry, e.g. for steam applications and oxygen pipes, and where special requirements are made according to TA Luft.


KLINGER® top-chem 2000 gasket material has i.e. BAM, DIN-DVGW, TA-Luft, FireSafe and FDA approvals.

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