KLINGER® top-chem2005

KLINGER® top-chem 2005 is a modified PTFE gasket material that offers an economical alternative in standard applications, where the requirements from the gasket are moderate. KLINGER® top-chem 2005 is especially well-suited for strong acids. In addition, it has good mechanical properties at medium temperatures and loads. For high temperatures and loads we recommend KLINGER® top-chem 2000. However, when the flanges impose special requirements to the gasket, KLINGER® top-chem 2003 is a better option.

Typical uses

KLINGER® top-chem 2005 is suitable for a wide range of chemical applications. The gasket offers an economical alternative at the usage of modified PTFE gaskets.


KLINGER® top-chem 2005 gasket material has been i.e. BAM, DIN-DVGW, TA-Luft and FDA certified.

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