Rubber Products

Rubber gaskets are used when pressures and temperatures are low. For the most demanding operating conditions, a fiber gasket or PTFE gasket is usually chosen if the range of gaskets in the plant is to be minimized. The rubber seal is difficult to install, especially on large diameter flanges, but the metal-reinforced KLINGER® KGS seal is the solution in this case. Another excellent alternative to rubber seal is KLINGER® CompenSil, which has excellent elasticity and seals even with low surface loads.

Rubber sheets are easy to cut and typically seals are ordered to standard dimensions or based on drawings. Rubber sheets are also used in non-sealing applications as insulation, splash protection or to protect against wear.

The most commonly used rubber materials are NBR, EPDM and FKM, but there are a limited number of other materials in our range, such as silicone and SBR.

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