Stainless steel (316L) spray shield with rapid locking system has flexible stainless steel wire mesh inside the sheath, which effectively dampens the pressure of the leak. It also helps the guard to fit more tightly over the flange. Steel flange protection can be used for almost all media except strong acids and bases.

Flange protection is available for all DIN and ANSI compliant flanges. The design of the flanges can be round, oval or square. Special size flange guards are available on request.

The advantages of SS316 flange protection are:

  • Easy handling
  • The material is suitable for the majority of media
  • Suitable for almost all types of flanges
  • Easy and secure locking system
  • No tools are required for installation
  • Easy to adjust
  • Reusable

Fill the requirements:

Germanischer Lloyd (Marine Technology, Part 1 (Marine), Chapter 2 (Mechanical Installations), Chapter 11 (Piping Systems, Valves and Pumps, Fuel Systems)

VI-7-1 Guidance on Type Testing – Procedure

VI-7-8 Guidance on Type Testing – Component Test Requirements, Mechanical Design, and Offshore Engineering Practices

SOLAS (Part II-2, Part B, Prevention of Fire and Explosion Hazard, Regulation 4 – Probability of Ignition)

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