Textile rubber oil seals

Type TGU – TGA

Oil seal with flexible reinforced textile-rubber back and rubber
sealing lip with garter spring.

A clamping plate is required.

The seat of the garter spring (stainless steel) is designed to prevent
its accidental loss during assembly. Particularly useful for
“blind” installations on site.

Garter spring also available encapsulated in resin or other materials,
for protection from chemicals and dirt.

TGA type provided with axial (A) and radial (R) lubrication

TGR type provided with radial (R) lubrication grooves.


Any industrial sector

Dimensions: Minimum I.D. 150 mm; Maximum O.D. 2.000 mm
in one single piece; larger than 2.000 mm by hot-vulcanizing
jointing technique

Working speed: up to 25 m/s

Pressure: 0 BAR (“split”) – 0.5 BAR (“endless”)

Operating temperature range: – 40°C / + 220°C

Remarks: All working parameters vary, considering the different
type of materials and elastomer used.

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