B24 wireless module for loadcells

Designed to build measurement systems for hands-on, user friendly access. The B24 Bluetooth system provides close range strain (input) measurements via phone or tablet for instant interaction with data and projects. Connect to up to 12 sensors to a single or multiple mobile devices.

Remarkable power efficient electronics offer wide input sensitivity. Available in either ‘C’ style IP67 enclosure with integrated battery holder for ease of integration or bare board format allowing the mmodule to be built into OEM applications. See order info for options.

  • Wide sensitivity input – choose from +/- 6mV/V, +/- 12 mV/V, +/- 24 mV/V, +/- 48mV/V
  • Noise free resolution up to 110,000 counts (16.75 bit)
  • Up to 3 months of continuous use at three samples per second.
  • Monitor up to 12 transmitters by a single device, or multiple devices
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  • Ideal for close range monitoring up to 90 metres (295 ft)
  • Available in ‘C’ style IP67 enclosure with integrated battery holder or bare board format for OEM applications

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Timo Tuupanen, Sales Manager

+358 10 400 1295

Peter Jansson, Product Manager

+358 10 400 1208


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