Silicon Sensing CMS combosensor

Tilt angle sensor measures the inclination of the object with respect to gravity. Tilt sensors are widely used in mobile devices, such as personnel hoists as well as agricultural and forestry machines. The sensor always measures the angle straight in respect to the ground.

Small (CMS300: 10.4 x 6.0 x 2.2mm
CMS390: 10.4 x 6.7 x 2.7mm)

  • Proven and robust silicon MEMS vibrating ring gyro
    and dual-axis accelerometer
  • Excellent bias over temperature (1.75°/s, 30mg)
  • Flat and orthogonal mounting options (CMS300
    and CMS390)
  • User selectable dynamic ranges (150°/s, 300°/s,
    2.5g and 10g)
  • Digital (SPI®) output mode
  • User selectable bandwidth (Rate; 45, 55, 90 or 110Hz
    Acc; 45, 62, 95 or 190Hz)
  • Range and bandwidth independently selectable for
    each axis
  • Low power consumption (8mA) from 3.3V supply
  • High shock and vibration rejection
  • Temperature range -40 +125°C
  • Hermetically sealed ceramic LCC surface mount
    package for temperature and humidity resistance
  • Integral temperature sensor
  • RoHS compliant
  • AEC Q100 tested

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Timo Tuupanen, Product Group Manager

+358 10 400 1295

Peter Jansson, Product Manager

+358 10 400 1208


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