Joral magnetic rotary and absolute sensors

Rotary encoder provides an inexpensive way to measure axis rotation or for example the rotation of the motor in conveyor lines. In an electric motor, the frequency converter can adjust the engine speed using the measurement provided by the rotary encoder. Rotary encoders are available with different pulse volumes, which makes it very easy to combine it with controls.

  • The circuit board and electronic components are fully protected and sealed in high-grade potting compound, which protects the delicate components from moisture and contamination
  • The housing of the sensor is built from solid 6060-T6 aluminium
  • Joral encoders have an electronic interface that protects the encoder from electrical surges or mis-wiring. The encoders also have LED indicators that show i.e. the supply voltage and the status of the channel output
  • Shaftless models have very loose installation tolerances and the magnet can be as far as 12 mm away, 5 mm uncentrically and even 15° to a different direction without impacting the operation of the sensor
  • J1-series sensors are available with diameters M18-58 mm and outputs pulse, 0..5V or J1939 CAN


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