RLS AM4096 – 12 bit Rotary Magnetic Sensor IC

Within the miniature chip is the processing circuitry to provide outputs in absolute SSI, incremental, linear voltage, tacho and UVW formats with resolutions to 12 bit. The zero position can also be selected at point of installation.


Programming is possible over the two wire interface (TWI), which is compatible with the I2C protocol. The TWI allows to interconnect up to 128 individually addressable devices using only two directional bus lines. The chip can operate with either 3 V or 5 V power supply and can be put into a power down state designed for battery powered applications.


This chip uses the proven OnAxis™ sensing principle. The encoder IC senses the position of a diametrically polarized magnet placed above the chip.


As the magnet rotates an array of Hall sensors within the chip produces a voltage representation of the magnetic field distribution. Subsequent internal processing isthen used to produce the required output signal format and resolution.


With such a flexible design the AM4096 can be used in a wide range of non-contact position or velocity measurements, such as motor motion control and commutation, robotics, camera positioning, various encoder applications, battery powered devices and other demanding high resolution applications.

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