Deligate Store Date Management

Take product dates under control and print product specific discount labels.


Deligate Store is an Android app, which helps the staff to manage the dates of the products and directs the staff to only check possible short-date products.

Food waste decreases when discount labels are printed as needed. On top of the discount percentage, the discount labels also contain the original price of the product, the new discounted price and if needed, a barcode which is customizable to work with the checkout system.

It is also possible for the staff to control Deligate Store and view the discount statistics in a web browser.



Daily date check rounds take only 10-15 minutes.

On average, the store saves 4-8 working hours weekly.

Provides certainty on the product dates.

Annual savings:
15 000 € – 50 000 €, when turnover is < 5 M€ *
25 000 € – 80 000 €, when turnover is > 15 M€ *

Comprehensive solution for food waste reduction:

  • Date Management
  • Calendar
  • Price Reductions
  • Monitoring


*average of 30 stores, where Deligate Store has been use for at least 12 months.



The store only needs to check the products with a short date and update the new expiration date in the app.

Deligate Store creates a customized checklist daily/weekly.

The date checks before expiration date can be adjusted in the departments by shelf module or by segments (e.g. eggs 1 d, meat 2 d, cheese 3 d).

Price reduction labels can be printed with a written price/percentage and the app will calculate the rest of the needed information. This will happen with ease, using the integrated portable label printer.

Deligate Store User Interface


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