Markdown Discount

Enhance your sustainability brand and increase profit on short-date sales.


Markdown Discount enhances the store’s sustainability brand by offering customers price reduction on short-date products.

Markdown Discount is an innovative solution, which works as an self-service station that includes touch screen, barcode reader and a label printer.

Your customer can bring short-date products they find at the store to the station and print a discount label to it. The dynamic discount is based on the product group and the number of days remaining before expiration. On top of the discount percentage, the discount labels also contain the original price of the product, the new discounted price and if needed, a barcode which is customizable to work with the checkout system.

Using the Markdown Discount station, the staff can effortlessly print product specific discount labels. The staff can also monitor the activity of the station and adjust the discount parameters on a control panel in a web browser.



  • Increased profitability on short-date sales
  • Dynamic discount based on the product group and the number of days remaining before expiration
  • Builds your store’s sustainability brand
  • Modern solution that the customers appreciate
  • An unexpectedly strong way to attract new, untapped customers



Your customer finds a product that has a short best-before date.

The customer scans the product in the Markdown Discount and enters the best-before date.

A new label is printed and the item is scanned at the checkout as usual.

You decide which categories and how close you want to offer a discount.

A checkout action is performed to ensure that the expiry date is correct.

The customer and the shop help to reduce food waste, while increasing engagement!



Markdown Discount station:

Length: 43 cm

Width: 22 cm

Height: 220 cm

Base plate:

Length: 70 cm

Width: 50 cm


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