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The M230i-T4 and M230i-T6 label installers are designed to be both flexible and adaptable for label printing and installation.

With a choice of three standard cylinder lengths, eight standard mounting feet and left or right configurations, both are well configurable for today’s marking needs as well as possible future plans.

This latest-generation M-series label installer comes with faster magnetic print head replacement, larger tape and label roll volumes (600m) to help reduce downtime and cost of ownership.


  • Mounting on top, side or bottom
  • Installation distance 10-560mm
  • Typical productivity 60 labels / min
  • Installation on both stationary and mobile packaging
  • For labels with dimensions 25x15mm up to 150x210m



The M230i-S & SP label installer models offer a new level of security to automate the marking of the front or back of the package without sacrificing performance.

User security is enhanced by the integrated Autostop function.

In addition, the label installer’s compact and flexible design makes the systems adaptable to your specific needs now and in the distant future.


  • Mounting on front or rear, front + top / side (corner wrap) or front and top
  • Installation distance 10-360mm
  • Typical productivity 55 labels / min
  • Installation on mobile packaging
  • For labels with dimensions 25x15mm to 150x210mm


Boxes 2


Pallet labeling solution developed for different production environments.

The flexible, reliable and customizable M230i-P150 pallet label increases productivity by providing a solution to automate the labeling process at the end of the production line.

Available with durable stainless steel or aluminum cabinet. It has the advantage of a durable, easy-to-integrate design and is suitable for both growing production and improving an existing production line.

The system can print and place labels on one, two or three sides of each pallet, providing flexibility for your logistical requirements. The M230i Pallet Label allows you to mark your pallets with GS1 compliant SSCC barcode labels. If necessary, the M230i pallet label can be equipped with a cabinet air conditioner or heater, a touch screen user interface, a three-way pallet marking function, and more.


  • Mounting: front, side or rear, front / rear + side, front + side + rear
  • Installation distance up to 450mm
  • Installation on standing packaging
  • For labels with dimensions 60x40mm to 150x210mm


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