Domino G-series

The modular solution for easy integration and intelligent high resolution coding even on challenging substrates.
The Gx-Series Modular Proposition enables the system to grow with your production requirements in terms of hardware/ software functionality and fluids capability.

This functionality proposition ranges from very simple to complex applications using print head combinations from 1 to 4 in a number of different print head group configurations. Gx150 – the ideal solution for simple coding requirements on all substrates and print heights up to 25.4mm managing up to 2 production lines with all the benefits of the innovative i-Tech features.

Gx350 – meets a wide range of applications utilizing 4 print heads for 50.8mm maximum print height on up to 4 production lines. Alphanumeric texts in various possible fonts and all actual 2D bar codes enable industry standard code formats for enhanced traceability. Networking is enabled with Ethernet. Gx350 – meets a wide range of applications utilising 2 print heads for 25.4mm maximum print height or print height on 2 production lines. Alphanumeric texts, using any True Type Font, is possible. Industry standard 2D bar codes are available enabling enhanced traceability. Networking is enabled with Ethernet for further integration

Gx350 – all the flexibility G-Series has to offer for the most complex demands with additional management of 4 production lines operating simultaneously.

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