Ventus 920VL

Ventus 920VL applies the last-printed label to the moving product with a turning application head. It follows the surface of the product, which ensures that the label is carefully and thoroughly attached to the product. The structure of the application head is designed in such a way that the same head can be used to apply various-sized labels without any additional adjustments.

Ventus 920VL is the solution when the labelling has to be versatile, for example where packages of varying sizes are labelled on the same line and the location of the label varies.

Technical information:

  • Label size: width 25-150 mm, length 40-250 mm
  • Speed: max. 20 labels/minute (label size 25 x 40 mm)
  • Compressed air: ~ 6 bar
  • Dimensions: height 700 mm, width 500 mm, depth 350 mm (without printer)

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