Ventus Pallet

Ventus Pallet is developed especially for pallet labelling. A turning application head enables labelling to two sides of the pallet. The basis for the design lies behind the standard issued for pallet labelling. However, the position of the application head can also be adjusted to apply the labels either horizontally or vertically. Ventus Pallet requires only one square meter of space to operate. The labelling speed of the system is two pallets per minute, when applying labels to two apposite sides of the pallet; either front and side of the pallet or side and back of the pallet.

Technical information:

  • Label size: A5 (148 x 210 mm)
  • Speed: max. 2 pallets/minute (labels to two sides of the pallet), max. 6 pallets/minute (labels to one side of the pallet)
  • Compressed air: ~ 6 bar
  • Dimensions: height 600 mm, width 500 mm, depth 400 mm (without printer)

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