Radar systems

The ground radar effectively monitors your area and immediately reports movements at the site. SpotterRF radars are designed to monitor industrial sites, storage areas, government sites and water bodies. The system displays the movement of the object on the map and forwards the alarm information as well as directs the cameras to turn to the object automatically. The ground radar can be set to several different alarm ranges and alarm characteristics. The radar operates in terrain, city and sea.

Deployment is easy and this is the perfect control technology for both small and large areas. The radar does not give false alarms to moving objects in the target, such as trees and shrubs. Different models of radars are available.

One radar can be used to monitor, for example, the area covered by 20 thermal cameras. Works through rain and snow, as well as fog, detecting moving objects all the way to the limits of their range. Easy to connect to existing networks with PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches. Excellent for e.g. plants, substations and mobile network base stations.

The radar controls the PTZ or the speed dome camera. The camera automatically turns to a subject moving in the area. The radar directs the camera to track a moving subject. Some of the radars (UAVX) detect small drones  from an altitude of up to 550 meters

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