Rupture discs and explosion protection

Rupture discs

Rupture disc is a non-mechanical overpressure relief device that discharge excess pressure to a predetermined safe location, when the pressure exceeds the safe operational limit of the application. The high degree of accuracy in rupture discs depends on a solid understanding of the qualities and behaviour of metals. The behaviour is based on the metals performance over a wide range of temperatures (from high to cryogenic), its reaction to tension or compression loading, and its opening characteristics with different types of pressure media (gas and liquid). It is of crucial importance that the conditions and exposure factors of the application are known when the right kind of rupture disc is being selected for the application. Rupture discs can be used as a sole relief device or in conjunction with a relief valve.

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Explosion protection

Industrial processes often have a potential for a dust explosion. Where combustible material is conveyed, filtered, heated, milled or sprayed in a fine powdered form, the three elements that cause an explosion can combine: dust + air + ignition. When these occur in a confined and unprotected space, deflagration can cause an immediate overpressure and flameball.

Risk assessment typically recommend for protective measures to be implemented against potential explosions. These measures range from improvements in housekeeping to investment in protection equipment. When selecting protection equipment it is necessary to consider the constraints of the process equipment and building facilities, as well as the environment and budgets in order to achieve the level of personnel safety required.

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Our partner BS&B Safety Systems is a pioneer in rupture disc technology and explosion protection with over 80 years of experience.

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