Diffuser silencer with insulated shell

GLAUNACH’s diffuser silencer is a comparably small silencer with tremendous impact. Its compact design makes it the universal silencer for compressed gases and superheated steam at power stations, paper plants or natural gas pipelines – and everywhere where high pressure needs to be blown off in industrial areas. Instead of directly releasing the gas, it is transmitted through several pressure drop stages specially adopted and individually manufactured for every single industrial use case. This diffuser silencer is equipped with an additional longstranded glass fabric / mineral wool insulation of the inner shell surfaces. The extra layer provides improved thermal and acoustic insulation of the outer shell.

Typical application:

  • Any vent or blow-down application
  • Boiler start-up and purge
  • Turbine bypass

Typical noise reduction: up to 50 dB

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Kai Breite, Area Sales Manager

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