We can attach a tracking tag with a QR-code to our products. With that you can easily:

  • Read:
    • manuals
    • drawings
    • certificates
  • Order:
    • spare parts
    • consumables and accessories
    • replacment products
    • service
  • Follow and maintain service history

The tracking tag can be, based on operating conditions, a laser engraved stainless steel plate or a polyester sticker and it will last a long time.

The Product Life Cycle Management system is directly connected to our order management system and our document management system and when you order spare parts or replacement products from here, they will fit for sure, even if the order is placed years after the original order. And you will see the availability of our products directly. When you order service trough this system, our service personnel will arrive prepared, carrying the correct spare parts on the first visit.

Of course you can also browse the products you have bought from us and will easily find the individual product you are looking for, even if you can’t read the QR code from the tracking tag right now.

The Product Life Cycle Management system can be connected to both valves and product marking products and more than 10000 products are already connected to it.