HD Analog video modulator SC-NRC01M has various functions such as noise removal, video quality enhancement, and long distance video transmission etc. And it makes the installation easy and simple with the assembled harness and the compact size of case for installation in housing. This device can provide optimum solutions to users who have AHD video quality problem.


Outstanding noise removal and prevention of noise inflow
» Image quality enhancement and wide-band video signal transmission
» Supported transmission distance
-AHD: Max. 1km over RG-6 / Max. 700m over RG-59
» Support AHD 2M resolutions
» Compact size of Tx. to be installed in the camera housing
» 2-steps of video transmission distance compensation function
» No need of separate camera adaptor by sharing an transmitter’s adaptor
with camera (AC/DC free input)
» Easy installation with assembled harness cable
» Surge protection
» Cable cost saving (30~50%) by using coaxial cable for long-range transmission

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