NUUO Solo Plus

NVRSolo_Plus is NUUO’s answer to hassle free, lightweight NVR system. It is small in size yet able to handle heavy duty tasks. With local HDMI/VGA display and keyboard/mouse input built right into the unit, configuring NVRSolo_Plus is easy and simple. Built on solid Linux foundation, we sacrificed nothing except unnecessary bulk to make NVRSolo_Plus the award winning standalone NVR solution you have been looking for. NVRSolo_Plus’s flexibility doesn’t end there. For those needing more storage options, this model is made to meet your needs.

Recording Server is a NAS-based server which receives the streams from cameras. The main features are listed below.

  • Streams and records live video and audio from camera
  • Embedded Linux for high stability, more secure against virus attacks
  •  Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 for maximum capacity of data protection
  •  Support dual record

Key Features


  •  Linux embedded – safer solution against PC crashes and virus
  •  One-click setup for more than 80 brands of IP cameras
  •  ezNUUO – free from router settings for web/mobile viewing
  •  Point of Sale (POS) *1
  • Alarm source for NUUO Central Management System
  • RAID 0,1,5,10 for maximum capacity or data protection
  •  Supports megapixel cameras and H.265 compression format
  •  Supports camera multi-stream settings *2
  •  Supports multi-streaming on local display for better performance
  •  Supports camera two-way audio*3
  •  camera snapshot intergration*4
  •  Camera I/O integration
  •  Supports HDD SMART self-test
  •  Real-time digital output, Email alert and push notification on mobile
  • NTP server synchronization
  •  Compatible with touch panel *5
  •  event log click and play*3
  •  Support 100 brands of IP cameras and 2329 models *6 (free monthly update)
  •  Support dual monitor
  • Support IPC firmware upgrade, reboot and reset


  •  Supports Stream Profile for remote live view bandwidth control (Original / 500 kbps *7 / 100 kbps)
  •  Supports mobile client for iPhone / iPad / Android
  •  Up to 128 CH remote live view with multiple monitors
  •  H.265 support on remote client
  •  Support mass upgrade

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CCTV & Measuring instruments

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