Synthetic fibre packings

Every synthetic fibre packing material has its own specific sealing characteristics. As a result there is a synthetic fibre packing available for various different applications.  Covering a wider operating range enables the use of fewer different seals and gaskets throughout the plant. Synthetic fibre packings  stand out from the rest with their versatility as well as ease of handling and use. The packings are suitable for both pumps and valves.


A combination of Acrylic yarn and PTFE to produce a durable and economic sealing material

  • Economic yet versatile synthetic packing,
  • Suited to general service in valves and pumps
  • WRc approved
  • Also available with graphite instead of PTFE lubricant – K11


An economical packing based on Acrylic-fibre yarn and graphite and an additional lubricant

  • Economic yet versatile synthetic packing
  • Suited to general service in valves and pumps


High strength, aramid-fibre yarns with a KLINGERlock cross-braiding. With an additional PTFE lubricant.

  • Suitable for abrasive and viscous media
  • Ideal for sealing within extreme pumping applications – rotary or reciprocating.


A combination of selected glass fibre yarns and PTFE suitable for use in static sealing and valve applications

  • A general valve and static seal packing
  • Easy to cut, handle and install


A combination of selected glass fibre yarns and graphite, to produce a higher temperature packing for use in valves and static applications.

  • Good thermal resistance, can be used up to 450°C
  • A general valve and static seal packing


A strong, universal packing, using PTFE-lubricated polyimide filaments, with excellent strength. K4333 can be employed where shaft wear is a problem and will perform as a suitable alternative to aramid-fibre packings.

  • A TopLine grade able to perform reliably in a wide range of services and equipment
  • Suitable for low gland loads
  • WRc approved


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