DIS QG65 Dynamic inclinometer

DIS QG65 Dynamic inclinometer offers

Continuous clean angle measurement in single sensor module 

Following extensive testing, fine-tuning and field trials, the new dynamic inclinometer from DIS Sensors is now ready to go to the market. This new sensor has been designed to eliminate the spikes in angle measurement from vibrations and shocks arising from normal machine operation. Running on an entirely new hardware and software platform, with the latest MEMS chip at its core, this innovative sensor combines a triaxial accelerometer with a triaxial gyroscope to calculate highly reliable angle values. Efficient, reliable and far more economical than traditional alternatives.

What’s the angle?

On any machine, the position of every part constantly changes due to operator actions as well as countless other factors. Machine designers use inclinometers and tilt meters to continuously measure all critical component angles (on 1, 2 or 3 axes).

However, vibrations and intermittent shocks can contaminate these measurements. The usual solution is to incorporate additional sensors to separately measure the spurious accelerations and filter or smooth the spikes from the angle measurement. But besides making the product more complex and costly, these extra measurements and calculations also increase control system latency, and often influence machine safety.

The dynamic inclinometer – simply a clean signal

The advent of affordable MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems) technology has enabled global sensor specialist DIS Sensors to solve these issues with a compact integrated sensor module: the dynamic inclinometer.

With a form factor identical to the popular DIS QG65 range, the new module combines both acceleration and gyroscopic angle measurement on three axes simultaneously. The resulting gyro-compensated signal supplied to the control system is clean and free of the influence of spurious accelerations and shocks. The angle data is transferred as a separate CANopen object for each axis.

The powerful integrated controller can be customised to process all input and output signals to suit each specific application, based on predefined usage profiles and a user-friendly configuration tool.


Available now

Having passed the extensive lab testing and field trials with flying colours, this new dynamic inclinometer is now available for supply worldwide.


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