Shaft seals

Rotary shaft/oil seals are used to protect rotating machine parts against either the process media or internal and external contaminants. The choice of the right type of seal depends on operating parameters such as operating fluid, operating temperature, circumferential speed, differential pressure and ambient conditions on the air side.

Our range includes all standard size and type shaft seals as well as all traditional materials such as NBR and FPM/FKM. The range also includes metal-reinforced shaft seals. Metal-reinforced shaft seals are suitable for applications where the seals require a higher circumferential speed and temperature resistance.

NBR Nitrile rubber is the most commonly used seal lip material with good durability, abrasion resistance and flexibility of mineral and vegetable oils. The substance is also suitable for use with inorganic substances, bases and acids, provided that the solutions are dilute and the temperatures are reasonable.

Operating temperature range: -20 + 120 ° C.

FPM / FKM Fluorocarbon FPM (DIN ISO 1629) / FKM (ASTM D1418)

(trade name: Viton® Du Pont-Dow Elastomer)

Fluoroelastomer is particularly suitable for use at high temperatures and is highly resistant to oils, fuels and solvents. It is not recommended for use with low molecular weight esters or ethers, ketones or amines. Fluoroelastomer is ideal for applications where other elastomers wear or become brittle rapidly.

Warning! Combustible fluororubber forms a toxic gas. Burnt fluorinated rubber must be treated as a corrosive substance.

Operating temperature range: -18 + 220 ° C

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