Deligate – Food Waste Reduction

Reduce food waste and increase sales on short-date products with Deligate’s digital solutions.


We have 2 kinds of standalone solutions (Deligate Store ja Markdown Discount) which also complement each other.

The solutions produce discount labels which are customizable to work with your checkout system.


Deligate Store date management, tracks product dates and if needed, prints product specific discount labels with the integrated portable printer.

Deligate Store is an Android app, which helps you reduce the time used in date checks and provides certainty for date control.


Markdown Discount enhances the store’s sustainability brand and provides dynamic price reduction for short-date products.

Markdown Discount is a self-service station which offers discount based on product group and days remaining before expiration. With this we encourage the customer to prefer picking short-date products from the shelves.

Markdown Discount also has a feature in which the staff can effortlessly print product specific discount labels.


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Markku Tilli, Sales Director

+358 10 400 1340


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