Safety spray shields

KLINGER SUPERSAFE® spray shield is intended to use in process industry critical applications, power plants and the shipbuilding industry. Spray shields are designed to increase safety in areas where seal leakage can cause serious personal injury, equipment damage, or environmental damage.

KLINGER SUPERSAFE® spray shield is designed for flange connections, valves, bellows, fittings, flexible hoses, pipes, liquid level indicators, service hatches, instruments and pumps.

Spray shields are available in standard sizes and tailor made on your needs. Spray shields can be combined, for example, the 316SS spray shield can be fitted with a PTFE flange guard with a leak pipe in order to maximize safety.

Spray shields are replaceable unlike most seals, so the investment is one-time and reasonably small compared to the safety that can be achieved. The choice of spray shield must be done carefully according to application requirements. 

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